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During the first three weeks of lockdown, 14 women and 2 children were killed in the UK, as a result of domestic abuse*.

Is there someone you know that needs help? Or do you need help?

This is a statistic that the Women’s Centre Glasgow is striving to prevent from increasing. Go Radio’s Gina McKie recently interviewed Lynne Robertson, Centre Manager to find out more. You can view the interview here.

Domestic abuse comes in many forms, a partner’s behaviour may be threatening, degrading, sexually abusive and generally violent, but it isn’t always about bruises. Many women find themselves trapped in relationships with abusers who are controlling, coercive, intimidating and emotionally abusive.

It’s important that we ALL take responsibility in identifying these behaviours, either for the benefit of ourselves or for those around us.

Is there someone close to you that you have concerns about? Are you yourself trapped in a situation that you see no way out of? Taking those vital first steps could save a life, perhaps even your own.

Go Radio is supporting the important work being done by The Women’s Centre Glasgow. The centre offers a number of important services aimed at helping and protecting women and children who are vulnerable to domestic abuse.

For more information please visit or call 0141 576 1400, you can also find support at and by calling the National Helpline For Scotland on 0800 027 1234. If your life is at risk, please call 999 immediately.

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*source: Counting Dead Women Project