People Make Glasgow Greener

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From 1–12 November 2021, Glasgow will host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

As the eyes of the world are on us, we have a unique opportunity to make real progress towards our ambition of becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. We all have a part to play, Glasgow belongs to us all.

Everyone’s actions count and we can make a real difference by not littering our neighbourhoods, parks and streets. Together, we can help to make Glasgow a greener city.

Bin your litter and if you can’t find a bin, take it home.

If Grado can do it, so can you!


Together we can make Glasgow a greener city and build better lives and better futures for everyone.

If we all act now, we can enjoy safer streets, cleaner air and warmer homes.

To find out more information and see what YOU can do to help, visit

People Make Glasgow. And People Make Glasgow Greener.