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The Go Breakfast Team

Go Breakfast with Crofty, Adele and Grado

Weekdays 6am - 10am

Gary Marshall

The Go Workday with Gary Marshall

Weekdays 10am - 2pm

Gina McKie

Go Afternoons with Gina McKie

Weekdays 2pm - 6pm

Go Evenings with Ali De Foy

Weekdays 6pm - 8pm (Football Show Coming Soon)

Joe Kilday

Go Night-time with Joe Kilday

Weekdays 8pm - Midnight

Gina McKie

Saturday Breakfast with Gina McKie

Saturdays 6am - 10am

Joe Kilday

The Go Weekend with Joe Kilday

Saturdays and Sundays 10am - 2pm

Stevie Lennon

Floorfillerz with Stevie Lennon

Saturdays 6pm - 8pm

Edward Reid

Go Guilty Pleasures with Edward Reid

Saturdays 8pm - 10pm

Sunday Breakfast with Gary Marshall

Sundays 6am - 10am

Sunday Afternoons with Shebahn Aherne

Sundays 2pm - 6pm

Ultimate 80s with Jon Campbell

Sundays 6pm - 8pm