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Is your business striving to adapt to the demands of the digital world? Do you need help with copywriting and improving your social media presence?

Then Go Digital with Go Radio!! As part of our commitment to helping local businesses, we’re delighted to offer a variety of digital workshops brought to you by a team that has worked closely with big names including some of the country’s largest media outlets, SPFL football clubs, local brands and many more. We’ve even won a few awards!

Our aim is to ensure your business is fully maximising its online presence with detailed lessons in digital marketing. Our workshops include social media management, copywriting & content creation, and Facebook Ads.
Sign up now for our digital workshops and take your business to where it needs to be with a little help from our team of award-winning experts.
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All courses are £49 + VAT

Facebook Advertising


Cost-effectively run your own Facebook™️ ad campaigns after just one morning. Your Facebook Ads session will enable you to take control of your own paid social advertising content, performance and budget. You’ll be able to select the correct campaign type, test creative options, understand which key elements work best for your business & industry, and get to grips with the infamous Facebook pixel which can give you valuable information on people engaging with you online. Our 1-morning programme promises no fluff, just practical processes and training to give you the power to run your own ads profitably, in-house.

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Business Manager – what is it and how to set it up
  • Ads Manager – what is it and how to set it up
  • Campaign structure and set up
  • Ad set level – audience creation types, placements, budget, scheduling
  • Ad level – types of ads, copywriting, call to action
  • The Facebook pixel
  • Dashboard & key metrics
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Content Marketing


Master your own content marketing: content creation, planning, copywriting, graphics & more, to let you create content that generates leads. Our morning session will outline the main types of content that will educate, engage and entertain your audiences.
We’ll show you how to maintain brand consistency, create visually beautiful content, copywriting for short, mid and long form purposes. Our workshop includes templates, tricks, guides and practical processes and training to give you the power to plan and create your own content.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Why content marketing
  • Defining Your Audience
  • Solving a problem
  • Your content: style, research, visual
  • Planning like a boss
  • Scheduling
  • Copywriting
  • Free Amazing Digital Tools – Our Recommendations
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Social Media


We all need to start somewhere and with this beginner social media workshop we aim to help you master the basics. Learn which social media platforms are most suited to your individual business and gain a full understanding of how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, including the key features of each platform and how they can benefit your business. We’ll also teach you how to create relevant social content, generate ideas and gain a full understanding of what works for your business and why. Plus we’ll let you in on a few tips, secrets and hacks picked up from our many years of social media management experience.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:

  • creating content
  • building your following
  • networking
  • understanding the main features
  • Utilising Facebook groups
  • Finding PR opportunities
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Copywriting is an increasingly sought after skill. Well written copy needs to cut through content noise and get your message across faster and in fewer words than your competitors. Our course will take you through what type of copy you’ll want use for which platform and purpose, the 6 steps for writing amazing copy. We also cover direct and indirect copy and how to capture the tone of voice throughout your copy. Our copywriting session will give you the confidence to create your own copy for all platforms and applications.

  • Structure & Sequences
  • What type of copy for which purpose
  • The three levels of awareness
  • 6 essential steps for writing copy – creating personas, product, features and proof points and hooks.
  • Capturing tone of voice
  • Direct and indirect copy
  • Headlines
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