Become a Secret Santa With Glasgow's Spirit of Christmas 2023 ✨🎁 - Go

Become a Secret Santa With Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas 2023 ✨🎁

Become a Secret Santa this Christmas and help more than 19,000 children and young people across Glasgow and the West.

Go Radio are proud to be supporting Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas 2023 in association with The Malcolm Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of logistics, construction and maintenance services.

Since 2014 Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas has helped over 100,000 children! You can become a ‘Secret Santa’ by donating a gift and bring a smile to a child or young person this Christmas.

Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas works alongside over 100 partners including registered Charities, the Health and Social Care Partnership, local councils, community projects and other social groups to make sure every child feels included at Christmas.

To help as many people as they can, Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas are reaching out to those who would like become a Secret Santa for young people aged 9-16 years.

Here are some suitable gifting suggestions that will help:

PJs, gloves, hats, scarfs, socks, fleece blankets, hot water bottles, hoodies, toiletry sets, fragrance, snacks, headphones, water bottles, backpacks and watches.

Want to organise the perfect Christmas night out whilst helping this fantastic cause? The Christmas Giving Ball & The Kindness Awards will be held on Friday 3rd November 2023 at the Marriot Hotel in Glasgow. The event will start at 6.15pm featuring an evening of fundraising, fine dining, The Kindness Awards, live entertainment and DJ for dancing until 1am.

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If you’d like to spread some festive cheer with Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas this year, you can pledge a gift here.